We ensure external surface treatment of metal, securing an appearance as well as a protection of products against external climatic influences. The most common used surface treatments of metal are powder coating, cataphoresis, galvanic zinc plating, phosphating, nickel plating, anodizing of aluminium including colorful variations, aluminization in the form of vacuum evaporation and further. We prove the quality of surface treatments in the form of certificate in cooperation with external accredited laboratories and with commonly available methodologies of internal rows.

Design and development

We offer the support and services in the area of design and development of products, associated with qualified opinions on feasibility studies, established for a model simulation in the form of static or animated outputs, calculation of a necessary shaping force and other supporting data, leaning on years of experience of the technology department. We are able to verify the design and development alone in the form of prototype part production.

Construction and production

We offer production of highly quality stamping tools, single operation units, simple control and other supporting gauges including equipment of pneumatic elements and electronics. The production is realized based on the drawing documentation designed by us or based on the technical documentation developed by our external partners. We use CAD system SOLIDWORKS for the construction.