Progressive stamping

Modern machine park with a hight emphasis on a high level of equipment, of automation and of diagnostics leads to a varied range of possibilities to process primarily aluminium, stainless, common, but also special kind of steel on products especially in the area of automotive and electrotechnical industry. Stamping and metal forming is performed on press machines from 25 to 500 t. 

Transfer stamping

We offer metal cold forming as a technology of transfer automatic stamping on stamping machines with a tonnage of 500 t. This technology enables to reach a high quality of a part from the point of view of a demanding design and a process reliability. A significant advantage comparing to progressive stamping is a significant raw material saving, a rotation possibility of a part and its relocation according to an individual need and also a bigger space for specific tool elements in the form of cutting elements, forming and threading units.


Extrusion is a special process of a reverse aluminium pushing through. The aluminium is formed into the required shapes with the assistance of special tools during the process of extrusion. The production process is fully automated with subsequent post processes, further machining according to the needs of the particular product.

Automated production

We use applications of single purpose machines, namely from fully automated workplaces to simple single operation workplaces, including an industrial monitoring securing 100% output control. These aplications are solved as independently standing workplaces or as parts of production units of other technologies.


Degreasing center secures high quality level with respect to the highest customer requirements laid on the purity of parts, especially in the area of products determined for the lighting and air conditioning technique. The degreasing is carried out on two degreasing lines, one is a chambered degreasing line equipped with ultrasonic cleaning and the second is an ongoing spray degreasing line.


We offer products and services in the area of welding of carbon steel, staniless steel and aluminium as a spot resistive welding, low frequency welding and condenser welding of connecting elements (screws, nuts and others).


This technology enables to remove burrs as well as sharp edges and enables also necessary changes of surface structure. The surface treatment of products with the tumbling is a simple method of machining in tumbling machines, when it comes to the continuous mutual movement of a workpiece and of tumbling particals. Circular tumbling machines with a partial degreasing and separation are used for these purposes.

Chip machining

A triaxial vertical center DMG Mori enables a huge flexibility of machining. Thanks to a solid construction of the machine a high accuracy, performance, quality and quickness of parts production in all fields, particularly in automotive, are ensured. 

Electroerosive machining

Electroerosive machines Sodic enable to machine various types of materials with an accuracy in the order of micrometers regardless of their hardness. Shape demanding workpieces can be produced with one clamping. Any project change does not require complicated technological methods and additional costs for expensive tools.


The grinder Equiptop serves for the grinding of flat surfaces, it is used mainly as a finishing operation, when a small amount of material is removed and the workpiece gets a precise shape with a high roughness. The accuracy in the order of micrometers and the roughness up to Ra=0,05 micrometers are reached. 

3D measuring

An accurate product or tool measurement are secured by a coordinate portal measuring machine DEA Global. An accurate results evaluation is a basis of a regulation and of an optimalization of production processes.

3D scanner

We use a laser 3D scanner in order to produce prototypes and for a quick tooling development in the pre-serial phase. The quickness and efficiency of the scanning decrease costs necessary to reach the righ dimensions of complicated products significantly.

Optical measurement

We control products from our pressing plant with modern optical measuring devices Micro-Vu EXCEL 1052 and VERTEX 311. These are multisensory 3D camera measuring systems, which are ideal for a quick production release and for a quality guarantee of delivered products.


We offer realization of assemblies from simple two-component parts, to more complicated assembly units. Metal products of own production, eventually combinations with purchased sub-components are the inputs. The assemblies are carried out according to firmly structured workflows with an emphasis on quality of a final product. Workplaces from manual ones to fully automated assembly workplaces, including output industrial monitoring, if required, are used for these purposes.